Issue #65 March 2019
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Blacktown City Council have recently rejuvenated Davison Reserve and contracted us to build a custom Premium unit around a pre-existing 15 year old wooden cubby to retain the sentiment and play value of this much loved place for local children to play.

Australia has a harsh climate. It gives our outdoor assets a hard time.
Being an Australian manufacturer it stands to reason we should offer a solution to this unique problem.
Extreme Marine is the solution and we shine the spotlight on it here...

Check out The Junction, a sports unit designed to get teenagers outside and interacting face to face.

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Tullimbar Village Playground

Blacktown City Council commissioned Moduplay to breathe some new life into a timeless play space in Davison Reserve, Parklea. We designed a custom Moduplay Premium play structure around an existing cubby that’s been standing for over 15 years.

Moduplay Extreme Marine

In Australia, 86% of our people live within 50km of the coast. The density of our population gets even greater as you get closer to the coast. This means that in Australia lots of our playgrounds are installed in coastal environments with the consequent tough conditions.

This is why we have introduced Moduplay Extreme Marine. It is an end-to-end, “lifetime of the product” approach to give you total peace-of-mind when installing our products in any coastal location.

Getting Teenagers Outside with The Junction

Community use of public space is more intense than ever, and it needs to be equipped well to cater for the growing demands put upon it. 

Moduplay provides a range of innovative and durable outdoor games solutions - such as The Junction - to maximise the use of community space, and get teenagers outside and playing.

Moduplay Play Book Edition 9.5

  • 88 pages of colourful inspiration
  • New products and new designs
  • New projects completed across Australia

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