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Issue #84 May, 2021

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Most educators around the world have heard about the outstanding academic achievements of the school children in Finland.

In a large part this is due to them getting more time to play during every school day!

Primary school age students in Finland normally take a fifteen-minute break for every forty-five minutes of instruction.

During a typical break, the children head outside to play and socialize with friends. And show up more focused and better learners after they have burnt off the excess energy and re-charged for the next session.

As Timothy Walker, an American trained teacher that moved to Finland says in his book Teach like Finland - "Throughout the school year, my Finnish students would, without fail, enter the classroom with a bounce in their steps after a fifteen-minute break. And most important(ly), they were more focused during lessons". 

So play is important, but it's also important that schools get the right help to build a successful playground. 

This month we look at the 5 Things School Principals want to know when building a new playground.

We also pay a visit to Dawson Public School's new play area in Dhurruk NSW and

The Lutheran School - Wagga Wagga shows how a previously ignored space in a school yard can be put to good use for play.

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5 Things school principals want to know when building a new playground

After the completion of a new play space we often ask the School Principal,

"What concerns does a School Principal have when purchasing a new playground?"
This is what they say...

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Dawson Primary School, Dharruk NSW

Working with a large space and a fitting budget, the team at Moduplay put together a concept design, embracing this vision and incorporating existing...

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Lutheran Primary School - Wagga Wagga NSW

This integrated free play zone is a great example of how an underutilised space can be given a new life and become an outdoor exercise and learning space for a school...

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